Toy Story That Time Forgot - Trailer

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deep sigh of contentment


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Taylor Swift, another victim of TFIOS (x) (cc. taylorswift fishingboatproceeds)

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Another Hamlet translation, courtesy of the Independent Shakespeare Company's unparalleled production.  In this scene, Laertes comes back from France with some poison (as one does) and shares it with his pal Claudius, who knows a thing or two about poison.

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How about a little Bride of Frankenstein for today’s #inktober ? Getting into the #halloween mood!!


Inktober Day 18!

"The power of the crystals corrupted the Seven causing a terrible war. In the end man proved to be too weak to control such awesomeness.

It was decided a creature much more benevolent and tempered would have to bear the power of the crystals.” Star-Locked: A brief History of the Galaxy pg 392 written by Lord Balderben

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Inktober Day 19!

"Work began on what would be humanity’s greatest engineering achievement: Project Cybercorn. Built by the Remus Family, an engineering clan who were instrumental in figuring out how the Star-Lock worked, the Cybercorns beauty and elegance rival any technology built in the Four Galactic Quadrants. Even the iPhone 617S can’t compete." Star-Locked: A brief History of the Galaxy pg 395 written by Lord Balderben

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Took yesterday off again to hang with my fam and rest my hand. I sprained my wrist pretty good on Saturday, so the next few Inktobers might be a little shaky.


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This will forever be adorable

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