So, I had an idea…

And I want your honest opinion on this.

So, fuck it, I love Glee and I’m probably going to end up watching it this season. Fuck it. Also, I’ve always wanted an idea to start a youtube vlog thing, but I could never find a concise topic to vlog about.

Then, I had an epiphany.


Okay, so, not original, but, let me explain.

When friends ask me to give synopses on TV shows, I always give really profane, abridged versions of the episode in question. I would give you an example, but…I can’t right now. Glee is usually a show that I can make fun of easily and I feel like doing a Glee-cap the next day, poking at continuity errors, crazy plot points and shocking moments, would be something that would be entertaining.

I am aware that my sight on things might conjure up wank, but, fuck, what the fuck doesn’t cause wank in this fandom. I tend to ignore it and move the fuck on.

Okay, so, should I do this?

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